Are you ready to experience wild dancing, dangerous sweats, and mouth explosions?


This Kick-Ass demon child was born from rage, when something unholy guided our hands. We took a classic hummus and mated it to our Home-Made Vegan Kimchi, made from carrots cooked in our house broth and fermented in our larder for over 2 weeks to help it achieve a delicious funk.


The result is a diabolically punchy trip with a mean mouthfeel. It is a mad, mind-f*ck brew that will bring you to the Temple and renounce all you knew.


This product is vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free!

Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus (220g)

  • Just grab a spoon and dig in! Great as a straight-up dip. Level up and utilize it as a pizza topper, in a wrap, and a flavour complement in salads and bowls. Bump me up with oil and turn me into a luscious sauce atop your favourite noodle of choice. 

    Check out how make this irresistible Kimchi Slayer Pasta.

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