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Hi, my name is lynn

& I run Loaded Gun Kitchen. Welcome to my world of BIG tasty. I know, honey. Processing veggies can be a time consuming process. So, welcome to my world, where veggies are rockstars, and dips have attitude.


Creative Capital: The former marketer who makes plant-based homemade dips

Home-based businesses take off



Founder, Happy Bold Italic

I love that the dips are so versatile! They work great on cheese and mezzo platters for parties thrown at mine. A surprise to me has been my husband's reaction to the dips. I have always loved plant-based food but it always seemed boring to him. His perception changed once he tried Loaded Gun thanks to the complex flavours.

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Writer & Digital Marketer

We’re grazers who like to snack on little things through the day so having healthy, tasty options at hand is really important. Loaded Gun Kitchen’s dips are perfect for me, my lactose-intolerant husband and our 3-year-old. In fact, our toddler would just eat the dips with a spoon if given a chance!

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Business Development

What I love about Loaded Gun Kitchen dips is that it’s an explosion of flavour. I’m generally not a big fan of vegetables and all things green and healthy, but these dips are so flavourful that you’ll be hard-pressed to tell they're plant-based! A perfect condiment that I can slap onto my favourite snacks like crackers or even chicken wings, I can get loaded on the good stuff all day every day!

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Developmental Coach & Thought Partner, MatterInc

I was first attracted to Loaded Gun Kitchen because the branding and design ooze cool. The flavours are just as awesome! Menage a Trois is great as an aperitif spread for guests. The flavours are an explosion on the palette - they all taste good with veggie sticks, nacho chips and even naans!

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Bea & maciek

Co-founders, SportEd Tennis Academy

Great dips! We have tried all of them and were surprised each time by their taste and texture. We’ve eaten them with carrots and celery or crackers, and also used one of the dips as a sauce for pasta. Crazy delicious!

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Co-founder, Elementary Co & Mother of 2

Eating these dips, my kids have no idea they're actually eating "evil, yucky veggies". Joke’s on you, kids! The dips are healthy and packed with so much flavour. They make it really easy to jazz up a dish with minimal effort or prep time.

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Founder, Zoi Yoga

When I choose Loaded Gun Kitchen, I know I’m giving my body fuel that does not include chemicals or preservatives. Eating these dips after a hard workout is especially satisfying. I call it "workout-appropriate food".

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Girl Boss, Lee Gems & Fine Jewellery

Knowing that these dips were made with thought and care is a game-changer. Plus, it’s all super healthy and packed with protein. Who wouldn’t want their kid to dip their fingers into these jars?! Seriously, so tasty and addictive.

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