How are your products made?

We want what we make to have the highest vibrations possible. We literally want them to sing. We select the freshest, most nourishing ingredients we can find and process them in small batches. This allows for maximum nutrient retention so you get the most out of all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in our plant-based ingredients.
Now tell us, what soundtrack do you hear when you take a bite?

Where are the products made?

They come straight to you from the Mad B*tch Home Kitchen where we spend most of our time. We look at our Kitchen like it’s our disco playground. Although we wanted to, we failed to add a dance floor to the premises. (We just didn’t have space for a full stack of speakers!!!)

What items are made completely from scratch?

All of our key ingredients. Our plant-powered Kimchi (Yes! No fish sauce! No shrimp!) is used in our Kick-Ass Carrot Hummus. We are proud to say our Kimchi is homemade, lovingly brewed with the most warming of vegetable broths (this is homemade as well). Lose yourself on the dancefloor with our carrot kimchi hummus, found here Our BBQ dip contains home-brewed Kombucha, naturally cultivated with organic black tea & cane sugar. Fermentation takes a month, and no two brews are exactly the same, lending a unique flavour to every batch of BBQ. Bitchin', right?? We think so.

Are your products vegan?

We prefer the term ‘powered by plants’ as we feel this spotlights the beautiful ingredients themselves. So yes, all our products are 100% plant-derived (yay!). They also contain no animal products or gluten.

What kind of products are available?

Currently, we have 3 dips for you to spread on anything and everything. Tell us how you use them at [IG link] We are always experimenting in the kitchen. Want to be the first to receive updates regarding new products? [sign up e-newsletter link]

How do you store the products for maximum freshness?

All products need to be refrigerated to maintain freshness. Like anything whole and natural, they are best eaten as close to the purchase date as possible.

How long is the shelf life of each dip?

Our products contain no artificial preservatives and use natural acids from lemons & limes for preservation. Always check the Best Before date but a good rule of thumb is that they're good for 7 to 14 days.

Are your products suitable for people with allergies?

Although we are gluten and dairy free, some of our products contain or may contain nuts. Always read the food labels first & consult your health care provider beforehand.

What is the best way to consume your dips?

The idea is to get it in your mouth, STAT! You could eat them straight out of the tub. The utensil of choice is totally up to you. (Fingers work fine in a pinch!) Our dips are designed to be the perfect accompaniment to any snack. They act as a ‘rempah’ or base sauce, for meals. Some of our favourite ways to scarf them are on pizza, in wraps, sandwiches, and on top of fries. Inventive ways to use them are as pasta sauces, and even ravioli fillings. [Easy recipes can be found at the mad b*tch disco]

What are my delivery options?

You can opt for courier delivery (fees apply) or pick your order up directly from our kitchen.
Please head < here > for full info! / drop down thing


What are my delivery options?

You can opt for courier delivery (fees apply) or pick your order up directly from our kitchen.

If I opt for courier delivery, when can I expect to receive my goodies?

We deliver on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Orders must be made 2 days before these delivery days., eg if you order on Monday, you will get on Wednesday, if you order on Tuesday, it will only arrive on Friday!

Once payment is confirmed, we will contact you to confirm a delivery date.

Are there delivery charges?

A flat fee of $8 applies and it’s free when you spend a minimum of $50

What are the delivery timings?

Between 11am - 4pm or 5pm - 10pm.

Is self pick-up an option?

Yes, you can pick up directly from 49 Dunbar Walk, S459349. For self pick up, once your order is confirmed, we will contact you regarding a pick-up date. No delivery fees will apply for this option.
Please allow 2 working days from order confirmation to pick-up.





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