Celery Boats

A fun, healthy, party snack idea that your guests will love. Less than 5 minutes prep time with the help of our crazy dips. 

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Emily Mariko Salmon Rice Bowl Recipe - Loaded Gun Style

What say you to a quick-to-whip-up WFH meal?

I’ve been spying on that viral Salmon rice recipe on TikTok for ages, wondering how to make it my own. The original recipe calls for mayo and sriracha, but my ‘solve’ for making it healthier was to create my Sexy Green Goddess (no oil, mayo or dairy!) to flavour the rice instead. 

The freshness from Cilantro, Lime, Chives & Green Onions make for a herbaceous symphony that give the rice that oomph. And a huge hit of fresh veg added to the recipe - diced red bell peppers & cucumbers - makes everything crunchy, tasty and rather virtuous in the yummiest of ways!

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Glass Noodle Salad with Cashew Cream Sauce
A 10-minute glass noodle salad made with our Miso Cashew Cream. This recipe came about after rummaging through the fridge - we used shredded fennel and red cabbage we found hanging about. Fennel adds a delicate but zingy taste when used raw in salads. Simple and fuss-free.
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10 Minute Dairy-Free Potato Salad
Whatsup ya'll! I've teamed up with T.I.T.S (This Is The Shit Smokery) and trust me when I say, their smoked salmon is the SHIT. It's moist and succulent from a special 3 day brining process and a perfect addition to bump up the protein in any meal. Here's a quick, 10 minute dairy-free potato salad using our Sweet Miso Cashew Cream!
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