Midnight Gospel Kimbap

This is not so much a recipe per say, but an idea for a sushi or kimbap filling using our Midnight Gospel. As our Midnight Gospel is already filled with umami from mushrooms, sprinkling a little MSG and pan frying on a stovetop would make a good filling for sushi or kimbap.

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Vegan Palek Paneer (...without the Paneer!)
This palak (spinach)-based gravy proves that a gravy dish can be both hearty and refreshing at the same time. It's vibrant in color (due in part to the ice cubes added after cooking the spinach) and light. I recommend using garlic with a heavy hand in this recipe; the spinach will love it, and I trust you will, too. To provide that extra hit of creaminess, stir in a big spoonful of our Sexy Green Goddess. 
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Fiery Korean Mushroom Bolognese ft. Midnight Gospel
This is a pasta you can whip up in less than 30 mins that is comforting, satisfying, hearty, delicious, a taaaad spicy and looks like actual bolognese WITHOUT THE MEAT! Our Midnight Gospel patty adds a round of umami-ness together with celery, carrots and onions - a classic bolognese mix, re-imaged and re-invented by yours truly 🕊 It hits the spot when you have the midnight munchies and feel a little vulnerable from life 🥲
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