No Fry High Protein Kimchi "Scrambled" Eggs

No Fry High Protein Kimchi


ft. One of our bomb-tastic dips aka Carrot Kimchi Hummus

This dip has a cult following because I ferment my own vegan kimchi for it. The taste is clean and very different from the kimchis you get in the supermarket. The hummus base adds a truckload of protein and the carrot kimchi has healthy probiotics. 

When you add it to soft boiled eggs, it creates a creamy texture — almost like scrambled eggs without the messy frying and butter. If you are a lazy gal cook like me, you need to try this hack!!!


You need
2 eggs
Loaded Gun’s Carrot Kimchi Hummus
Salt, White Pepper
Chilli Oil


1. Boil 2 eggs for 6 - 6.5 mins on low heat. The water should be on a gentle boil. You want jammy/ slightly runny eggs - whatever your preference is

2. Peel eggs in a water bath filled with ice

3. Pop the eggs in a bowl, add a dollop of carrot kimchi (1 - 2 tbsp), mix

4. Top off with chilli oil, you can also drizzle sesame oil if you don’t have chilli oil.

5. Season with salt and white pepper (my preference) and enjoy this high protein, mess-free snac :))