I was always besmitten with food since young. In 2020 I founded Loaded Gun and created a range of plant-based dips & patties with crazy flavours.  Plant-based eating taught me alot, but the biggest takeaway was that it strengthened my (very toxic) relationship with food.

Intuitive eating vs. Diets

A self-professed wellness geek, I was introduced to Yoga at a young age of 19 and have been experimenting with vegetarian cooking since then. However, I was constantly going on restrictive diets, crazy juice & lemon water fasts. My body was put through so much confusion with all these detoxes that even though I lost weight, I couldn't focus & it soon became clear that “purge” detoxes were unsustainable in the long run. 

When I discovered plant-based eating in 2020 during covid, I was shocked to learn that not only could I eat from all food groups, I could do so without guilt, and still feel full, nourished and energised. Today, my topics of interest have grown from losing weight (haha) to fully geeking out on the mind-body & gut-brain connection and other alternative therapies like cold plunges & meditation.

Finding peace with food

Gradually, my relationship with food changed. I grew to be more intuitive about how I eat. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and stop eating when I’m full. I still enjoy a little meat here and there but it’s nothing more than accents to my plate. I rely largely on my intuition and signals from my body to let me know what I need for the day.

The inception of Loaded Gun

Loaded Gun was born from a personal desire to create flavour bombs that excite the taste buds and help people - meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans -  get more plants into their diets.

New beginnings

Today, I am a private chef at my own home kitchen in Marine Terrace, serving up a 6-course vegan & gluten-free set menu. As I continue to expand my skillsets, cooking repertoire & vision for Loaded Gun, I also hope to share my journey along the way and make meaningful connections through this wondrous thing called FOOD 💕

All my love & light,