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  • Disco Diner Private Parties & Communal Nights


      Yes, it is based largely on a wholefoods, plant-based philosophy. We prefer the term ‘powered by plants’ because we feel this spotlights the beautiful, fresh ingredients themselves.

      • Is this private dining?

        Yes, you can book out the space for a maximum of 4 people. However if you’d like to lessen the hassle of finding friends, opt for our communal nights instead. Schedules can be found on our Instagram.

      • I saw an add-on for a Tarot Reader for the private party option. What does group tarot reading entail?

      Group tarot readings are a wonderful way to break through the superficial and cultivate a deeper bond with your friends, family, or coworkers!

      • What is the menu? Menu is seasonal and is a 3 course menu including a grazing table, main dishes and dessert. If added on, the tarot reading will be facilitated during the dining.
      • Who is this experience for? For people who wish to celebrate in a more conscious, sustainable way.
  • Cookbook Club

    • Can i only make plant-based recipes? As Loaded Gun products and offerings are plant-based, we encourage you to select recipes that utilise whole foods. However should your recipe contain animal products, there is always a possiblity to exercise creativity by using plant-based proteins like lentils and chickpeas instead. The world is your oyster! (ok this was a bad pun lol)
    • What cookbooks will we choose? Lynn will choose the cookbooks but if you have recommendations just dm me on IG <3
    • Will you only select plant-based cookbooks? I do believe sometimes experimenting with non plant-based recipes is a nice gateway for us to get a feel of the dish. Sometimes working with the animal protein version of it is the only way to inspire us to cook with more plant-based foods. So no, I will choose from a variety of cookbooks & cuisines. The inspiration behind my cookbook club is wider diet labels, it’s to understand culture & heritage. And what better way than to do it with community :))
    • How often does this happen? Monthly, on the last Saturday of every month.
  • Cooking Classes

    • WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT YOUR COOKING CLASSES? While most programmes are designed based on fixed recipes, we emphasise on cooking intuitively and seasonaly, with simple ingredients and seasonings to make vegetables tasty. We also focus on fermentation techniques, an age-old weapon to unlock deep flavours. Never suffer from meal prep boredom again.

    • Why do you only accept 2 pax?

      For more focused & private attention and to make the experience more meaningful.

    • What goodies do I takeaway after each class? You get your own customised Loaded Gun 200g dip which you will make during the class. You will also bring home your own ferment and a plant-based 101 workbook and thought starter is included in the class as well. Both the ferment & the dip is valued at $47.