Viet Style Umami Bomb Chicken

Viet Style Umami Bomb Chicken

How good are those viet vermicelli noodle bowls? Use Umami Bomb as part of this marinade:

marinades 6 small chicken thighs. good for meal prep and storing in freezer
difficulty: medium
30 min recipe

4-6 Fresh lemongrass (use the white parts of each stalk)
Grated ginger (~ 5cm knob)
4 -5 tbsp Umami Bomb
2 ts toasted sesame oil

Honestly, you don't need to follow my ratios. Umami Bomb is like a savoury paste that is forgiving enough, but these are my favourite herbs and condiments to add to it for maximum flavour in the sauce.

your marinade should look like thisĀ 

1. mix all the ingredients under "marinade" with a tiny whisk and pour over the chicken
2. cover with cling wrap and let marinade for ~1 hour (not necessary but worth it to do)
3.fry off in a heavy bottomed pan / cast iron works best
4.sizzle the chicken first with oil until you get a nice crispy skin for 4-5 mins skin side down. it will be dry at this point but dont worry, you just want to achieve a nice crisp with the skin first
5. reserve the remaining marinade in the bowl
6. once your chicken is crispy, add the remaining marinade with water / chicken stock to make it saucy. add however much u want to achieve your desired consistency
7. cover the pan until cooked through (about 8 mins)
8. serve with vermicelli, cucumber slices, carrot shreds and a whin wedge of lime.Ā