Hi, my name is Lynn. I am a self-taught home chef and I love healthy and nutritious food made from scratch.

Since starting Loaded Gun, my style of cooking has been making homemade flavour bombs. A flavour bomb is something that gives food an instant flavour boost in a short span of time. Different varieties include a sauce, paste (rempah!), spice blends, fermented foods or even simple things like dashi is considered a flavour bomb too.

I love having these around because it gives you the flexibility to cook intuitively and creatively without being bound too tight to a recipe. The best part is it saves time because each teaspoon packs so much flavour. It provides you the flexibility to meal prep quickly, but also has the power to be incorporated into slower, longer recipes on days you have time to spare.


That's the beauty of having homemade flavour bombs around the house. 

Home Cooking & Nutrition Experiences for Beginners


Minimal time, intense flavours.

Working with flavour boosters makes cooking faster than following a recipe right off the bat. Because they are packed with flavour from a combination of different aromatics, spices, fats, acids, the balance of every component in the teeniest amount of teaspoon gives you maximum flavour with minimal effort, and over time you will find that you will become a more intuitive cook and rely less on recipes.

Dismantle diet culture together

Stressed about information overload on food and nutrition? Cooking is the best way to understand more about your food triggers, your own body, and learning how to listen to it more. By listening to it, we can sieve through the endless clutter of diet information to figure out how to create sustainable habits instead of obsessing over fad diets.

Over time, you will establish a deeper and more meaningful relationship with food, and have a healthier outlook on navigating the otherwise confusing world of "bad" and "good" foods. (hint: there's no such thing) ;)

Learn basics of flavour building and how to read follow recipes loosely

How many times have you stared at a recipe only to realise one ingredient is missing? The beauty of working with flavour bombs and having basic pantry essentials will teach you how to cook without stress and make logical substitutions based on whatever ingredient you are missing. This knowledge is something not taught in most cooking classes where it's recipe rigid.

Because of such a flexible way of cooking, you will find that over time, there are less dishes to wash and less to stress about because you will be able to whip up dishes easily.

Cleaner, simpler pantry and less washing

Reaching around the pantry to grab a million different sauces is a turn-off for many ladies especially since we all have busy schedules. If you have a good stock of flavour bombs, you will naturally need less condiments around = cleaner and simpler kitchen! This makes cooking fun without having to measure precise volumes or use a million teaspoons at once.

Lesser ultra-food processed cravings and learning to read your hunger cues better. Never diet a day in your life again.

All my recipes focus on wholefoods, which consist of mostly grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, spices. Eating in such a way helps regulate our blood sugar levels and prevents crazy spikes from happening. The spikes are the determining factor to our seemingly uncontrollable urge to devour the entire bag of chips at one go.

Nourishing ourselves with wholefoods helps us crave less of the ultra-processed foods because of how nutrient dense it is. The fibre keeps us full. Over time, we will also make peace with the "bad" foods like packaged chocolate and even end up enjoying them more because we are making better choices in other areas of our lives! This is called food freedom, baby.

Why cook at home and from scratch?

Cooking at home allows for us to control our nutrition and understand more about ourselves and our bodies. The happiness and joy that comes from making things with our own hands is unparalleled and will give you a more natural appreciation for the food we eat. It's called gratitude with attitude in this kitchen.

Learning how to cook is a life skill that will bring you other benefits which include:
- figuring out your food triggers, what works for you and what doesn't. 
- how to sieve through the endless nutrition advice on the internet to OWN your diet instead of letting diet "fluff" control you
- other benefits in the long run include less bloating, improved quality of sleep, clearer skin and feeling nice and light mentally and physically. The more you cook for yourself, the more you will be more confident in the kitchen and in your body's ability to let you know what you need for the day.

Curated recipes to optimise women's nutrition 
while making it fun, colorful and quick




1:1 private 
2h per session

Take a peek into my home kitchen and let's cook a 2 or 3 course meal together. Scan through all my flavour bombs and discover how easy cooking can be. Chat about health, wellness, expel nutrition and diet myths and share our own experiences with food. Easy going, carefree, real conversations from the soul.



1:1 private 
3 - 3.5h per session
4 lessons

over the course of 4 lessons learn:
how to to cook and nourish yourself to optimum health with wholefoods
speed up cooking with flavour bombs
the essential recipes to assemble food effortlessly throughout the week
basics of how to achieve flavour
home cooking hacks for food storage & more efficient cooking
how to grocery shop efficiently
how to work with a variety of wholefoods to heal your gut
pantry & kitchen equipment set-up & purchase
how to have a healthier relationship with food
how to find your best diet

this experience includes: 
- two handcrafted flavour bombs to take home each week (valued at $208)
- home kitchen recommendation 
equipment set up & purchase (additional cost for items purchased)
- kickstart your home cooking journey (nutrition & recipes) PDF (valued at $30)


Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Are the recipes vegan/ plant-based?

All recipes uses wholefoods, which includes legumes, vegetables, spices, herbs, grains and sometimes fruit. The are designed to heal and nourish from within and this means prioritising more plant-based recipes, which ultimately will teach us how to consume a wide variety of food.

I don't have time and I have a back to back schedule. Is this still for me?

With all things, skills, new hobbies, it requires some form of time investment to get better at. As much as I'd like to be delulu with you, cooking involves time, effort and practice. As much as we can utilise the quick recipes,  the real healing begins when we dig deep into the longer recipes. I would say at least aiming to cook 1 meal a week and dedicating time for meal prep on ONE weekday is a good start. This is the minimum to form any healthy cooking habits and for this experience to fully benefit your health and nutrition. Also, i run my business alone, and only intend to teach the few that understand my heart <3

Is it necessary for me to use the flavour bombs from you in order to make the meals?

Yes, however I will teach a 50-50 split of recipes that use my flavour bombs for efficient cooking and handpick other recipes which are essential foundations for you to keep practicing with in order to master basic cooking skills (knife skills, sauteing, heat management, adjusting for seasoning, using visual cues etc).

What skill level are these classes suited for?

cooking & nutrition experience is suitable for home cooking beginners or anyone who want to freshen up their cooking knowledge, stuck in a diet rut or want to understand more about realistic nutrition and cooking in our busy lifestyles. Girl therapy is for anyone who needs a listening ear and wants to make wholesome, healthy things.


All images are shot by the amazing Carli Teteris of Kra Sanctuary.