Like anything fresh & whole, we recommend to consume the dips within 14 days of receiving them.

All the dips contain fermented ingredients like white miso paste, homemade carrot kimchi & homebrewed kombucha which allows the flavour to deepen and develop over the 14 days.

All products need to be refrigerated from 0 - 4 degrees celcius to maintain ultimate freshness.

It can last at room tempature for about 3 hours. Avoid direct sunlight. Preferably, you should refrigerate it as soon as you receive it.

Why? It contains no preservatives and is made from the freshest ingredients - this is what makes it so damn delicious!

All of our key ingredients.

For example, our plant-powered Kimchi (Yes! No fish sauce! No shrimp!) is used in our Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus. Our Kimchi is homemade, brewed with the most warming of vegetable broths (this is homemade as well).

Our Kombucha BBQ Pinto Bean contains home-brewed Kombucha, naturally cultivated with organic black tea & cane sugar. Fermentation takes 13 days, and no two brews are exactly the same, lending a unique flavour to every batch of BBQ.

Sweet Miso Cashew Cream contains our house-made Cashew Milk, sweetened with dates, roasted red capsicums and caramelised onions.

Bitchin', right?? We think so too.

The idea is to get it in your mouth, STAT! You could eat them straight out of the tub. The utensil of choice is totally up to you. (Fingers work fine in a pinch!)

Our dips are designed to be the perfect accompaniment to any snack. They act as a ‘rempah’ or base sauce, for meals. Some of our favourite ways to scarf them are on pizza, in wraps, sandwiches, and on top of fries. Inventive ways to use them are as pasta sauces, and even ravioli fillings.

Easy recipes can be found at the mad b*tch Recipe page.

They come straight to you from the Mad B*tch Home Kitchen where we spend most of our time. We look at our Kitchen like it’s our disco playground. Although we wanted to, we failed to add a dance floor to the premises. (We just didn’t have space for a full stack of speakers!!!)

We prefer the term ‘powered by plants’ as we feel this spotlights the beautiful ingredients themselves. So yes, all our products are 100% plant-derived (yay!). They also contain no animal products or gluten.

Although we are gluten and dairy-free, some of our products contain or may contain nuts. Always read the food labels first & consult your healthcare provider beforehand.

Yes, and no. It depends on how strict you are about adhering to these diets. Yes because, our products contain 100% whole foods, which ticks the boxes for both diets. However, you may choose to refrain from consuming our products as they all contain some form of natural sweeteners (none of which are artificial and are naturally derived).

We use only natural sweeteners, like caramelised onions and house-brewed Kombucha. We add just the right amounts to get some FLAVOUR going and definitely no artificial sugars!

They are all parcooked. Some components are cooked, while some are raw.

For example, the Sweet Miso Cashew Cream contains raw cashews (soaked) and caramelised onions.

The Carrot Kimchi Hummus contains boiled chickpeas, while our house-made kimchi is raw, but fermented.

For our Kombucha BBQ Pinto Bean, we cook organic pinto beans right into our brew of BBQ sauce, which contains roasted garlic & caramelised onions. The Green Apple Kombucha is raw, but fermented.

Midnight Gospel

A BIG hit of umami from shiitake mushrooms, followed by the sweetness of beetroots, broccoli & walnuts.

Yes, no animal products are used in it, and we use an “egg” replacement with a chia “egg”, which is freshly ground chia powder dissolved in our homemade vegetable stock.

Unfortunately, no. We use oat flour & breadcrumbs in it.

You can either choose to pan fry, air fry or toss it on the oven. Detailed cooking instructions will be provided on the packet. We love ours air fried, as no oil is needed, but when we're feeling indulgent, we'll pan fry it with some oil! This will develop a nice crusty sear.

Yes, you can choose to freeze them for up to a month or store them in the fridge for a week.

We use only just enough oat flour & breadcrumbs to combine all the ingredients together. We promise what you’re eating is at least 70% vegetables :)

Unfortunately, we have not gotten this patty nutritionally tested yet, but we promise it will keep you full and satiated for hours on end.

We only use garlic, thyme, salt and black pepper as seasonings. This helps to enhance the earthiness of the mushrooms and the other vegetables.