Indomie Salad ft. Umami Bomb Cashew Cream

Indomie Salad ft. Umami Bomb Cashew Cream

This is a salad which will help you to sweep out your fridge and use up any leftover vegetables you have.

The noodle sauce is a mixture of all the indomie seasonings, a big dollop of umami bomb cashew cream, some kicap manis, and calamansi. You can omit the indomie powder seasoning if you are trying to avoid MSG - our dips function well as natural MSGs.

It's a fuss-free, flavour-heavy, nutrient dense, plant-based meal.

for the noodles
1 packet of indomie noodles, along with the liquid & powder seasonings
1.5 tbsp umami bomb cashew cream 
1 ts kicap manis
1 calamansi, squeezed (add as much as you want for brighter acidity)

for the salad
shred whatever vegetables you have!
We used alfafa sprouts which are good for digestion, red cabbage & carrots.

wanton skins, sliced into thin strips
sesame seeds, white/black

1. cook the indomie according to package instructions (boil time: ~ 4 mins)
2. mix the remaining sauce ingredients together
3. assemble your vegetables in a bowl
4. squeeze some lemon/lime juice and olive oil over the vegetables so the vegetables are not dry, you can omit the oil if you are cutting down on oils. this step is just to give the veggies a little showering of liquid.
5. pour the indomie salad over the bed of veggies
6. (optional but highly recommended) deep fry your wanton skins at 130degrees and sprinkle A GENEROUS AMOUNT!! can sprinkle with sesame seeds also 

cos no great salad comes without a lot a lot of crispy things and a bomb as sauce :- )