5 Courses, including:

Garden of Eden
A creamy mouthgasm
Burrata Cilantro Avocado Lime Cashew Dip | Beetroot & Charred Broccoli | Spicy Crispy Chickpeas | Rosemary Focaccia Shards | Onion Ash

Fried vegetables, duh.
Seasonal Vegetable Tempura | Kimchi Hummus Lime Dressing | Seaweed Powder

Shiitake Mushroom Mapo Dumplings
Messier than your ex
Shiitake Mushroom Mapo Dumplings | Turmeric Coconut Sauce | Kombu | Sichuan Chilli Oil

Mushroom Claypot Rice
Shroooooom out
Claypot rice featuring seasonal mushrooms & vegetables made with a roasted root vegetable broth. Doused in our homemade, luscious mushroom gravy.

Dessert of the Week
Vegan Blueberry Coconut Cake | Almond Oat Biscuit Base

Price is inclusive of 1 glass of Seasonal Housemade Kombucha per diner, and is chargeable thereafter.

Some ingredients may change depending on what is in season :-)