Ménage à Trois Gift Set
Ménage à Trois Gift Set
Ménage à Trois Gift Set
Ménage à Trois Gift Set

Ménage à Trois Gift Set

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Pick Your Flavours ✨

Eat these straight-up with carrot sticks and corn chips or have them as appetisers, or side accompaniments paired with the storm you're cooking up.

Choose your flavours!

You get three 100g jars of plant-based, dairy & gluten-free dips of your choice:

  • Umami Bomb Cashew Cream, a wild card umami bomb made with homemade roasted red peppers and caramalised onions, rounded off with a big hit of miso

  • Kick-Ass Carrot Kimchi Hummus, a diabolically punchy trip made with our vegan carrot kimchi

  • Kombucha BBQ Pinto Bean, a bad medicine that leads to a full assault on your senses! This one is made with home-brewed kombucha and a special BBQ sauce

  • Cilantro Lime Avo Cashew Sauce, a zingy and refreshing, silky smooth avocado cashew sauce with big bursts of freshness from cilantro and lime. Use it to drench salads, on cold noodles, or try it in sandwiches and tacos!

  • Beet Curry, a tantalising, mouthwatering lemak dip with a homemade curry paste. Don't worry -- spice level is a 2/5. A homemade walnut cream base makes it extra creamy, you won't wait to stop digging your fingers into this barbie-esque dip.

Made fresh on the day of delivery or pickup

Most of our customers have kept our dips for one month without any issues. We say that the dips are best consumed no more than 20 days from the day you receive them.

Our products are freshly made on the week of delivery. A very safe guideline for consumption is to consume within a week of receiving the dips as, like anything fresh, whole and preservative-free, they contain the best nutrients, flavour and freshness in the first 7 to 14 days.

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